Institute of Arts Management & Professional Studies (IAMPS) LogoJanuary 24, 2019.

The signing of the first memorandum of understanding (MOU) on November 24, 2017, between Chartered Institute of Arts Management & Professionals (CIAP), USA and the Institute of Arts Management & Professional Studies (IAMPS), Nigeria demonstrates once again the arts management professions commitment to international mobility.
The agreement was signed at the Delaware office of the Chartered Institute of Arts Management & Professionals (CIAP).

On 24th January 2019, CIAP signed another MOU with IAMPS exclusively on Professional Training. In attendance were representatives of the Chartered American Professional Body and representatives from the IAMPS and its Nigerian chapter.

The Memorandum of Understanding on Reciprocal Membership Training Arrangements (RMTA) specifies the criteria by which members of one body are eligible for membership in the other. It was signed by the IAMPS Director for International Relations on behalf of the IAMPS provincial and territorial bodies and the CIAP African Representative, which has a long affiliation with the Chartered American Professional Body.

The MOU ensures that IAMPS officially takes charge of the training arm of CIAP, USA. CIAP qualification standards are maintained while recognizing substantial equivalency in the core knowledge requirements of both countries. IAMPS members looking to become CIAP professional member are required to pass IAMPS Professional Courses (IPC).

We often say to them we need you more than you need us, says Wiley.
I always stress that we are all about partnership and reciprocity, says Adams. We don’t see this as a one-way street. There’s a lot of mutual learning that goes on.