The Chartered Institute of Arts Management & Professionals (CIAP) is the independent professional body for Chartered Arts Management and Professionals, USA. Working in partnership with World Associations of Arts Management; to provide Administrators, Students, Researchers, Governments, Entertainers, Policy Decision Makers, Professionals & other Stakeholders the springboard for Leadership, Management & Entrepreneurship in the arts for constructive, regulatory & beneficial engagements of Arts Management globally.

Advancing standards in entertainment, administration, research and academics, the Chartered Arts Management professional qualification is the world’s leading qualification when it comes to professional standards. In a world where more and more people, governments, entertainment, banks and commercial organizations demand greater certainty of professional standards and ethics, attaining the Chartered Arts Management professional qualification is the recognized mark of management professionalism.

Members of the profession are typically employed in the entertainment, ministries and arts markets through private practice, in central and local government, in state agencies, in academic institutions, corporate establishments, in business organizations and in non-governmental organizations.

Members’ services are diverse and can include offering strategic advice on the economics, valuation, law, technology, finance and management in all aspects of the arts, management and professional industry.

All aspects of the profession, from education through to qualification and the continuing maintenance of the highest professional standards are regulated and overseen through the partnership of the Chartered Institute of Arts Management & Professionals and World Associations of Arts Management.

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